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The Charbonnet Family

Joining a Great Family of the Deep South

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Betty Charbonnet Reid Soskin and Paul G. Charbonnet III

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Two Charbonnet brothers immigrated from the southwestern France to Natchitoches, Louisiana in the 1700's. Their descendents have scattered worldwide. The goal of this site is to rejoin the branches of this great Southern Family.

We are making our best efforts to reconstruct history, but there is a more important goal, to reunite our living family. As was common in the slave-holding South, there were Charbonnet children with European and African ancestry. Historical records list these children as as white, black, Creole, and mulatto. On this site racial identification should be used sparingly as required to understand the stories. The Charbonnet's share one parentage and a common experience of new life, loving, and passage into history.

Charbonnet Discussion Group We invite Charbonnets everywhere to share their current life stories and their knowledge of our ancestors. These stories start on Betty's and Paul's pages. You can contribute yours in the Charbonnet discussion group.
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A free Yahoo group has been created for Charbonnets. There you can share your stories, upload your genealogy files, and share your photos. Your email address will not be shared with others or used for spam. However, members will be able to contact you through email from the group. Emails can be addressed to the group as a whole or to individuals.

  We will assemble the information you provide through the Yahoo Group to grow this CharbonnetFamily site. While we will never be able to reconstruct all the branch of the tree, we all have colorful favorite stories. Factual or fanciful, please share them.